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Can Good Mattresses Help You Sleep Better-

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The ability to receive an inadequate amount of sleep can have an instant impact on the well being of an individual.

There are a variety of reasons why you might not be receiving a good night's sleep and surprisingly mattress can be one of them.

A number of recent studies prove the connecting link between a good mattress and a sound sleep. By aiming to ease down the stress, mattresses help to improve the quality of sleep.

Let us offer insight on how mattresses determine your sleep quality and what you can do to regain your lost sleep.

Do perfect mattresses exist?

To the question posed above, yes, perfect mattresses do exist. La weekly recently did a lot of articles about mattresses.

Although there is no specified ideal size of a mattress, however, any size that fits you the best is the perfect size you need to buy.

Comfort is a factor that is of utmost importance while buying a mattress. The only way to determine is to lie down and check the comfort level for yourself.

There are reputable stores that will rightly offer you a home trial that will help you test the mattress out before buying it.

Important ways in which mattresses affects sleep and health:

As individuals, we often feel that it is fine to just settle for any kind of slumber surface, but mattresses, however, play a pivotal role in sleep quality and health.

After a long tiring day, if there is anything that we crave, it is undoubtedly a good night's sleep to wake up fresh the next morning. Research proves that a good night's sleep has the potential to optimize and uplift the positive power in our bodies.

This reason alone should encourage individuals to invest in a good mattress. Let us explore a few surprising ways in which a good mattress does wonders for you:

  • Helps to have a sound sleep by removing anxiety and stress

The right kind of mattress is largely beneficial in improving sleep quality and also being surrounded by a burst of positive energy.

An old and uncomfortable mattress leads to a prolonged stressful period. It might further lead to elevated stress or anxiety, causing depression or other grave psychological problems.

This can be avoided by choosing a mattress that can perfectly suit the needs and requirements.

  • Helps to get rid of chronic pain

The wrong kind of mattress can cause a lot of chronic pain while forming pressure points. It can further lead to a sore body by experiencing slow joint aches.

A quality mattress, on the other hand, offers optimum support to the body while ensuring a correct sleep posture. By offering support to the spinal curvature during sleep, it tends to distribute the weight in an even manner.

  • Fewer risks of allergy

An old mattress largely contributes to allergies with the probability of several dust mites lodging inside the foam while consuming the dead skin cells of the body.

While allergies are a threat to many, hence getting a germ-resistant mattress serves as the perfect way to get rid of allergies. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin or is prone to asthma.

Individuals need to make sure that the mattresses are cleaned often along with using a mattress protector to have the dust blocked.

  • Gets rid of chronic back pain

Old worn-out springs often produce creaking noises. Furthermore, they also lead its way to poor support that leads to pains and aches.

If the coils are not able to support the weight is a proper manner, they tend to distort the alignment of your spine. This further gives way to increased stress around the neck and back, thus disturbing your sleep.

  • Improves well-being

A quality mattress does a lot more than just improving your sleep. It rightly transforms the quality of life in many more ways than just one.

It not only improves your memory but also your productivity, thereby elevating your personal and physical well-being. For example, sleep problems such as snoring can be reduced or prevented by a good supportive mattress.

Common Kinds of Mattresses:


There are a few of the most common kinds when it comes to mattresses. Here are some of the most common types that will help you make your pick:

Memory foam

If you have been looking for convenient support and comfort, memory foam Mattress deems to be a great choice. The foam is largely popular as it conforms to the body as you tend to sleep.

On the other hand, if you sleep on the side, it rightly offers to support the hip and shoulder needs. It offers you a feeling that you are surrounded by the mattress and is also offered support.


A gel is added to a foam mattress in the upholstery layer and feels a lot different than memory foam. The mattresses dissipate the body heat in an efficient manner.

Pillow tops

This refers to an additional layer of upholstery that can be added to the top of the mattress. Being extremely soft, it incorporates a sinking feeling and allows the shoulder to get seeped in the pillow top.

Water bed

These kinds of mattresses make use of water as the primary sense of support system which serves as the best ones for back sleepers. A waterbed comprises a rectangular water chamber that gets padded with an upholstery material like fibers and foam.

Latex mattresses

These kinds of mattresses make use of latex foam that is made up of natural materials, contrary to that of memory foam that uses synthetic materials. It uses a number of firmness levels that can accommodate all kinds of sleepers.

Adjustable bases

Being one of the most flexible kinds of mattresses, these adjustable kinds offer relief and support at all times. The base can be adjusted to elevate the head; the feet and offer increased back support.

The mattresses are ideal for dealing with distinct sleep-related problems like back pain, muscle aches, heartburn, acid reflux and so on.

In addition to the above-mentioned kinds, there are varied other kinds available online.

Which type of mattress is ideal for you?

Finding the right kind of mattress is not about going with the price tag or the brand. Instead, you need to focus on what you would want out of a mattress.

Depending upon your needs requirements, you would need to look for the one.

There is no particular scientific evidence that proves one mattress type to help you sleep better than the other; however people with a few medical conditions have found to rest easily on a specific mattress type.

Anyone suffering from a chronic neck or pain back needs to apply a Goldilocks approach while buying a mattress, not too soft nor too hard.

An extremely soft mattress will make you sink down, and an extremely hard one, on the other hand, will lead to excessive pressure on shoulders, at the back of the head and sacrum.

A firm mattress along with a soft pill top will render the right kind of balance and support to your spine.

An adjustable bed serves as a good option for individuals sleeping with their heads raised. The beds are helpful to get the knees and hips adjusted to a 90-degree angle.

Individuals suffering from asthma or allergies need to buy a mattress that is identified as hypoallergenic for promoting improved health conditions.

Research results of the established link between the good mattress and better sleep:

Research has shown that sleep quality, back pain, and concrete stress are all linked to sleeping conditions. The analysis of the study has rightly spoken about the benefits of the perfect mattress for an improved night sleep among 59 healthy adults.

They were initially sleeping on their old mattresses and its average age was 9.5 years. As a result, they were seen to be experiencing grave discomfort.

Once they switched to the new mattress, things changed for them. The new ones were able to solve about 49% of the back pain while benefiting a good night's sleep.

The study thus indicates that individuals can improve their sleep by replacing the old mattresses with new ones. This not only reduces pain and stress but also helps individuals to experience a peaceful sleep to live life heartily.

If you are already aware that you might need a new mattress, then it is definitely worth considering the distinct mattress kinds available.


Thus, it is evident that good mattresses indeed help you sleep better. Individuals need to start evaluating and assessing their personal requirements in order to be an informed buyer.

In order to avail of the genuine mattress, it is essential to find an authentic online website to make things easier for you.

You can read online reviews to get a better understanding of the products available online.

It is time, you throw your old mattress away that is causing you unending pain and sleepless nights, instead bring home a new one to end your woes.

Pick the one that suits your needs perfectly that helps you wake up fresh the next morning!

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